Ordinance Title
Date Passed
2017-001 Adopting 2015 International Building Codes and Amendments to Chapter 24 "Building Code". 1/23/17
2017-002 Approving the First Amendment to an Annexation Agreement, Rezoning to PD-C Planned Development Commercial, and Final Plans for the Property Located at 2113-2131 E. Lincoln Highway, DeKalb, Illinois (Pearl Street Commercial, LLC - Casey's General Store). 1/9/17
2017-003 Amending Chapter 9 "Establishment of Fees", Section 9.04 "Ambulance Service Fees" of the Municipal Code of the City of DeKalb, Illinois. 1/9/17
2017-004 Amending Chapter 23 "Unified Development Ordinance", Chapter 44 "Landmark Commission", and Chapter 48 "Design Review Committee" Regarding Design Requirements for New Residential Construction. 2/13/17
2017-005 Number not used. Inadvertently skipped during numbering process.  
2017-006 Authorizing an Amendment to a Special Use Permit to Allow for the Development of a Restaurant with a Drive-Through Located at 1115 W. Lincoln Highway, DeKalb, Illinois. (Boom Real Estate - Sonic Restaurant). 2/13/17
2017-007 Amending Chapter 1 "General Provisions", Section 1.06 "Penalties". 2/27/17
2017-008 Amending the Chapter 38 “Intoxicating Liquors”, Section 38.25 “Hours for Sale of Alcohol”.   Failed 3/13/17
2017-009 Amending Chapter 23 “Unified Development Ordinance” Regarding Video Gaming. 3/13/17
2017-010 Amending Chapter 24 “Building Code”, Article 0 “Contractor Requirements”.  3/13/17
2017-011 Approving a Rezoning from Central Business District (CBD) to Planned Development Commercial (PD-C) and Approving a Development Agreement with Cornerstone DeKalb, LLC for Property Located on the Southeast Corner of 1st Street and Lincoln Highway. 2/27/17
2017-012 Amending Chapter 38 "Intoxicating Liquors", Section 38.27 "Gambling Devices".  3/27/17
2017-013 Amending a Special Use Permit for the Purpose of Removing the Conditions Requiring the Removal of an Existing Monument Sign Upon Activation of a Digital Sign on the South Side of the Driveway Entrance of the Property Located at 1980 Sycamore Road (Blue Marlin Imports, Inc. - Brian Bemis Toyota).  3/13/17
2017-014 Approving a Special Use Permit for Existing Antenna Equipment at 507 E. Taylor Street (US Cellular). 3/13/17
2017-015 Approving a Zoning Map Amendment to "LI" Light Industrial District to "PD-I" Planned Development - Industrial District to Allow for a Medical Cannabis Dispensary (Justice Grown) in a Multi-Tenant Building Located at 650 Peace Road.  3/13/17
2017-016 Authorizing the City of DeKalb to Borrow Funds from the Public Water Supply Loan Program through the Illinois Environmental Agency in an Amount Not to Exceed $2,000,000.  3/13/17
2017-017 Authorizing the Purchase and Equipping of Two Police Vehicles Based on the State Bid Contract Pricing in an Amount Not to Exceed $81,674, and Amending the FY2017 Budget in the Amount of $14,778. 3/27/17
2017-018 Publication of the Official Zoning Map of the City of DeKalb, Illinois. 3/27/17
2017-019 Amending Chapter 38 "Intoxicating Liquors" as it Relates to Liquor Production Facilities. 3/27/17
2017-020 Regulating Encroachment on Public Right of Way in the City of DeKalb. (Note: This Ordinance is included as Exhibit 4 under Resolution 2017-051.) 3/27/17
2017-021 Prohibiting the Discharge of Sanitary Sewage and Industrial Waste Water into Storm Sewers or Drainage Facilities on Illinois Route 23 (Sycamore Road) Within the Corporate Limits of the City of DeKalb. (Note: This Ordinance is included as Exhibit 5 under Resolution 2017-051.) 3/27/17
2017-022 Amending Chapter 52 “Offenses Against Public Peace – Safety and Morals” as it Relates to the Possession of Cannabis and Drug Paraphernalia.  4/24/17
2017-023 Authorizing the Purchase of a TI Training Lab Use of Force Simulator in an Amount Not to Exceed $50,000.  4/24/17
2017-024 Authorizing a Special Use Permit for a Gas Station at 1020 N. 1st Street (Kelley Williamson Company - Mobil).  5/8/17
2017-025 Authorizing an Annexation and Development Agreement, Annexing Certain Property, Rezoning to PD-R Planned Development Residential, and Approving Plans for the Property Located at 1901 Sycamore Road (Kishwaukee Country Club, Inc.  4/24/17
2017-026 Authorizing a Zoning Map Amendment to the "LC" Light Commercial District for Property Located at 1015 Blackhawk Road.  4/24/17
2017-027 Authorizing an Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement with Kishwaukee Water Reclamation District, Rescinding Ordinance 2006-074, Approving Rezonings to Planned Development Residential, and Approving the Final Plat of DeKalb Sanitary District Planned Development Subdivision, which Includes the Vacation of Hollister Avenue, for the Property Located at 303 Hollister Avenue (Kishwaukee Water Reclamation District).  5/22/17
2017-028 Authorizing a Zoning Map Amendment from the “MFR2” Multiple Family Residential District to the “PD-R” Planned Development Residential District to Allow for the Establishment of a Fraternity at 1114 Blackhawk Road (Blackhawk Road, LLC).  5/22/17
2017-029 Amending the Fiscal Year-End December 31, 2016 (FY2016.5) Budget. 6/12/17
2017-030 Amending Chapter 51 "Traffic", Schedule C "Parking Prohibited" As it Pertains to Macom Drive Parking Restrictions. 6/12/17
2017-031 Approving a Special Use Permit for a Public School to Allow for a Modular Classroom at 1121 School Street (Littlejohn Elementary School). 7/10/17
2017-032 Authorizing the Implementation of Impact Fee Waivers For New Construction Permits in the Knolls, Rivermist, Devonaire, Wineberry, Summit Enclave, South Pointe Greens, Meadow Ridge, and Hidden Grove Subdivisions. 7/10/17
2017-033 Amending Chapter 23 "Unified Development Ordinance" for Miscellaneous Text Amendments. 7/10/17