Ordinance Title
Date Passed
2017-001 Adopting 2015 International Building Codes and Amendments to Chapter 24 "Building Code". 1/23/17
2017-002 Approving the First Amendment to an Annexation Agreement, Rezoning to PD-C Planned Development Commercial, and Final Plans for the Property Located at 2113-2131 E. Lincoln Highway, DeKalb, Illinois (Pearl Street Commercial, LLC - Casey's General Store). 1/9/17
2017-003 Amending Chapter 9 "Establishment of Fees", Section 9.04 "Ambulance Service Fees" of the Municipal Code of the City of DeKalb, Illinois. 1/9/17
2017-004 Amending Chapter 23 "Unified Development Ordinance", Chapter 44 "Landmark Commission", and Chapter 48 "Design Review Committee" Regarding Design Requirements for New Residential Construction. 2/13/17
2017-005 Number not used. Inadvertently skipped during numbering process.  
2017-006 Authorizing an Amendment to a Special Use Permit to Allow for the Development of a Restaurant with a Drive-Through Located at 1115 W. Lincoln Highway, DeKalb, Illinois. (Boom Real Estate - Sonic Restaurant). 2/13/17
2017-007 Amending Chapter 1 "General Provisions", Section 1.06 "Penalties". 2/27/17
2017-008 Amending the Chapter 38 “Intoxicating Liquors”, Section 38.25 “Hours for Sale of Alcohol”.    
2017-009 Amending Chapter 23 “Unified Development Ordinance” Regarding Video Gaming.  
2017-010 Amending Chapter 24 “Building Code”, Article 0 “Contractor Requirements”.   
2017-011 Approving a Rezoning from Central Business District (CBD) to Planned Development Commercial (PD-C) and Approving a Development Agreement with Cornerstone DeKalb, LLC for Property Located on the Southeast Corner of 1st Street and Lincoln Highway. 2/27/17
2017-012 Amending Chapter 38 "Intoxicating Liquors", Section 38.27 "Gambling Devices".   
2017-013 Amending a Special Use Permit for the Purpose of Removing the Conditions Requiring the Removal of an Existing Monument Sign Upon Activation of a Digital Sign on the South Side of the Driveway Entrance of the Property Located at 1980 Sycamore Road (Blue Marlin Imports, Inc. - Brian Bemis Toyota).   
2017-014 Approving a Special Use Permit for Existing Antenna Equipment at 507 E. Taylor Street (US Cellular).  
2017-015 Approving a Zoning Map Amendment to "LI" Light Industrial District to "PD-I" Planned Development - Industrial District to Allow for a Medical Cannabis Dispensary (Justice Grown) in a Multi-Tenant Building Located at 650 Peace Road.   
2017-016 Authorizing the City of DeKalb to Borrow Funds from the Public Water Supply Loan Program through the Illinois Environmental Agency in an Amount Not to Exceed $2,000,000.