Diversity Holidays

The City of DeKalb publicly recognizes and acknowledges the holidays, celebrations, and commemorations observed by the members of our diverse community.

Diversity Holidays for the month of February

Date Event Title Description
All of February
Black History Month February is Black History Month in the United States and Canada. Since 1976, the month has been designated to remember the contributions of people of the African Diaspora.
February 1
National Freedom Day Celebrates the signing of the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery in 1865.
February 13
Maha Shivaratri A Hindu holiday that honors Shiva, one of the Hindu deities.
February 14
Ash Wednesday The beginning of Lent in the Christian faith. As a display of atonement, ashes are marked on worshippers. Lent, which is observed during the seven weeks prior to Easter, is a time of reflection and preparation for the Holy Week and is observed by fasting, charitable giving, and worshipping.
February 15
Nirvana Day The commemoration of Buddha’s death at the age of 80, when he reached the zenith of Nirvana. February 8 is an alternative date of observance.
February 16
Chinese New Year One of the most sacred of all traditional Chinese holidays, a time of family reunion and celebration.
February 16-18
Losar The Tibetan Buddhist New Year, a time of renewal through sacred and secular practices.
February 19
President’s Day A federally recognized celebration in the United States of George Washington’s birthday, as well as every president proceeding after Washington.
February 24 - March 1
Intercalary Days Celebrated by people of the Baha’i faith. At this time, days are added to the Baha’i calendar to maintain their solar calendar. Intercalary days are observed with gift giving, special acts of charity, and preparation for the fasting that precedes the New Year.
February 28- March 1
Purim A Jewish celebration that marks the time when the Jewish community living in Persia was saved from genocide. According to the Book of Esther, King Ahasuerus’s political advisor planned to have all the Jews killed; however, his plot was foiled when Esther, one of the king’s wives, revealed her Jewish identity. On Purim, Jewish people offer charity and share food with friends.

Please visit the Diversity Best Practices website for a complete listing of diversity holidays.

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