Ordinance Title
Date Passed
2018-001 Amending Chapter 23 “Unified Development Ordinance” for a Text Amendment Regarding Projecting Signs.
2018-002 Amending Chapter 64 "Smoking Regulations", Section 64.01 "Definitions", Section 64.02 "Prohibition of Smoking in Enclosed Public Places", and Section 64.04 "Smoking-Free Perimeters". Failed 2/26/18
2018-003 Authorizing a Special Use Permit to Upgrade Existing Cellular Antenna Equipment on Top of an Existing 16-Story Building Located at 507 E. Taylor Street (T-Mobile). 2/12/18
2018-004 Authorizing the Establishment of Tax Increment Financing Interested Parties Registries and Adopting Registration Rules for Such Registries. 2/26/18
2018-005 Amending Ordinance 2017-052 with Respect to the Amendment of Chapter 51 "Traffic", Schedule C "Parking Prohibited", Subsection 33 "Resident Parking Only, Tow Zone", Subsection 35 "No Parking 10:00 P.M. to 6:00 A.M.", Subsection 36 "No Parking At Any Time, Tow Zone", Schedule I “Snow Emergency Routes”, and Adopting Section 51.32 "Resident Parking Permits For On-Street Parking". 2/12/18
2018-006 Amending the FY2018 Budget and Authorizing the Acquisition of Real Property for Public Right-of-Way. (Reference Resolution 2018-011.) 2/12/18
2018-007 Abating Taxes Levied for the DeKalb Public Library and Corporate Purposes of the City of DeKalb, Illinois for the Tax Year 2017 (Library and Bonds). 3/12/18
2018-008 Amending Chapter 23 “Unified Development Ordinance", Article 3 “Definitions,” Article 5 “Zoning District Regulations,” and Article 7 “Supplementary District Regulations" Regarding Self-Service Storage Facilities. 3/12/18
2018-009 Amending Chapter 64 “Smoking Regulations”, Section 64.16 “Tobacco/Smoking Sales, Use and Licensing” as it Pertains to Existing Retail Tobacco Stores. 3/12/18
2018-010 Amending the Fiscal Year-End December 31, 2018 (FY2018) Budget.