Comprehensive Plan

About the Plan
The City of DeKalb’s Comprehensive Plan (DeKalb 3D) (PDF) provides a strategic long-term vision and basic goals, objectives, policies and recommendations to help guide the City’s future growth, development and redevelopment.

The Comprehensive Plan is one of the primary tools used by City agencies, the Plan Commission, City Council and other policy bodies to make decisions about the location of land uses and community facilities, priorities for public investment and the extension of public services, business development, and how to meet transportation needs.

Areas of Recommendation
The plan makes recommendations in the areas of:
  • Agricultural and natural resources
  • Community facilities
  • Economic development
  • Historical and cultural resources
  • Housing
  • Intergovernmental cooperation
  • Land use
  • Parks and open space
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
Strategies for Development Direction
The Comprehensive Plan articulates strategies for implementing the community’s “desired development direction” for itself, taking into account the:
  • Expectations of its citizens
  • Infrastructure and services available to serve the community
  • Consideration of physical or economic factors that can affect how, when, and where development may occur
Future Community Planning
The Comprehensive Plan will also provide a community-wide framework for the many other levels of plans and ongoing planning activities that are an integral part of life in this City including:
  • Neighborhood and special area plans
  • Transportation plans
  • Plans for specific community facilities and services such as parks, community centers or police/fire services