Planning & Zoning

  1. Unified Development Ordinance (Zoning)

    The purpose of the ordinance is to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the residents of the City of DeKalb through the regulation of zoning, subdivisions, and land use.

  2. Planning & Zoning Application Materials

    Check out various plan applications, permit applications, and view a fee schedule.

  3. Plan Review

    This plan review process guides and evaluates major development applications for annexations, rezonings, and preliminary and final subdivision plans.

  4. Planning & Zoning Commission

    Read about the Planning & Development Boards and Commissions and view meeting agendas and minutes.

  5. Comprehensive Plan

    The City of DeKalb’s Comprehensive Plan provides a strategic long-term vision and basic goals, objectives, policies and recommendations to help guide the City’s future growth, development and redevelopment.

  6. Neighborhood Plans

    Access the zoning maps, the 2005 Comprehensive Plan update, and view neighborhood plans for the City of DeKalb.

  7. Transportation Planning

    DeKalb Sycamore Area Transportation Study (DSATS) is the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the DeKalb, Illinois Metropolitan Region.

  8. Development Projects

    A variety of commercial, residential, infrastructure and community projects continue to be built in DeKalb, in both infill and new growth areas. This page is updated with a listing of development projects currently under review and recently completed projects. This information is meant to be a general representation of the larger projects and recent news within the City of DeKalb, and therefore does not account for every project or new business in the area. The Community Development Department is available to answer any development questions at (815) 748-2364 or Are you looking for feedback on a proposed development project, or assistance with the permitting process? The Development Team meets weekly to review projects. Visit the Department's website or email to schedule an appointment or ask a question.