Design Review Committee


  • 4:30 p.m.
  • 2nd Thursday of each month (or as required)


The Design Review Committee was created to assure the compatibility of new construction with the character of the City’s residential neighborhoods. The goal of design review is to maintain and enhance the character of the City, enhance the natural and aesthetic qualities of the city, preserve the value of land and buildings, and protect and preserve the cultural aspects and heritage of the City.

The committee shall have 3 categories of duties and powers:
  1. Dealing with general activities related to review of new construction projects
  2. Dealing with maintenance of the scoring system and design guidelines
  3. Serving as an educational and resource function

Purpose of Design Review

More specifically, design review is intended to:
  • Maintain, protect, and enhance existing buildings of historical and architectural significance
  • Foster new development that is aesthetically compatible with existing buildings and infrastructure
  • Encourage and assist building owners to restore and rehabilitate existing buildings in a cost effective, sensitive manner and in such a way as to be compatible with the surrounding neighborhood
  • Encourage originality and creativity in the design of new buildings and additions or the remodeling of existing buildings

For More Information

To learn more, please contact Long-Range Planner Derek Hiland who serves as the staff liaison for this commission. Check out the City Calendar to view a listing of future public meetings. Please review Municipal Code Chapter 48 (PDF) for additional information.

Staff Liaison

  1. Derek Hiland
    Long-Range Planner
    Phone: 815-748-2364