Landmark Commission


Meetings of the Landmark Commission (LC) are held as needed, usually the fourth Thursday of each month at City Hall.  Meetings are at 7:00 PM.


The Landmark Commission promotes preservation issues of importance in the City of DeKalb. It is are charged with discussing, deliberating and taking action on preservation issues within the City. Historic buildings play a special role in creating the distinctive character of each and every community. Their essential legacy of cultural, educational, recreational, aesthetic, social, and environmental benefits must be preserved for present and future generations.

The Landmark Commission is comprised of seven members, with each member appointed by the Mayor generally serving for a three-year term. To apply for Landmark Commission membership, please submit a letter of interest to Ellen Divita.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Reviewing nominations of historic and architecturally significant properties to the National Register of Historic Places
  • Promoting local historic districts and landmarks
  • Working with preservation education for the City of DeKalb
  • Aiding in the coordination of public and private events that have to do with historic preservation and education of the public, owners of historic landmarks, residents of historic areas, and other interested parties
To learn more about the Landmarks Commission, please refer to Municipal Code Chapter 44. If you have any question or concerns, contact Ellen Divita at 815-748-2361. Residents interested in serving on the Commission should submit a letter of interest to Ellen Divita, Community Development Director, City of DeKalb, 200 S. Fourth Street, DeKalb, IL 60115, or via email.

Staff Liaison

  1. Jo Ellen Charlton
    Community Development Director

    Community Development Department
    200 South Fourth Street
    DeKalb, IL 60115
    Phone: 815-748-2060

    (Except holidays)
    Monday - Friday
    8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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