Human Resources Department

Duties & Responsibilities
The Human Resources Department provides numerous services to the City of DeKalb employees, as well as the community at large including:
  • Disseminating information concerning salary and benefits of management / non-union staff, as well as each of the 3 bargaining units (AFSCME, IAFF, FOP)
  • Administering all aspects of the City’s workers compensation for all employees
  • Administering all aspects of the health insurance and prescription program for all employees and retirees
  • Providing personnel management systems administration
  • Providing and tracking organizational development
  • Providing employee orientation and mandatory trainings
  • Assisting the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners in recruitment process, and provides secretarial support
  • Disseminating employment information to colleges, universities, municipalities and media
  •  Assisting individuals seeking employment with the City of DeKalb