Obtain a Police Report

Citizens wishing to obtain a copy of a police report may do so in person or by mail. The following are options on how to obtain a police report.

Accident Reports
Recently the DeKalb Police Department implemented a software program called Appriss effective October 1, 2014. Should you need a copy of your accident report they may be obtained online. Please note that there may be a few reports prior to October 1, 2014 (in September) that were submitted using Appriss and are obtainable on their website.

Accidents prior to this date (not using Appriss) may be obtained at the DeKalb Police Department.

Freedom of Information
A Freedom of Information (FOIA) request (PDF) must be filled out and submitted to the Keeper of Records. All requests are reviewed and will follow the Freedom of Information Act. FOIA requests may take up to 5 days to process.

The first 50 pages are free. After this, a charge for reproduction will be incurred. If records are to be mailed, requester will be responsible for postage costs. Applicable fees must be paid to the City of DeKalb at the time of picking up documents or prior to documents being mailed.

Persons requesting a full copy of a report must subpoena the records. Subpoena requests may take up to 7 days to process. Charges are as follows:
  • Digital Photo Page - $10
  • Digital Photos of Case Investigations - $20
  • Digital Photos on CD - $15
  • DVDs - $20
  • Individual Photos - $5 each
  • Subpoena - $20
  • Video tapes - $20 each
Records subpoenaed over a reasonable amount could result in a higher charge. For further information or questions you may call 815-748-8400.