Mayor's Office

Message From Mayor Rey
As the Mayor of DeKalb, I welcome you to the City’s website. I would like to share with you what great opportunities there are in DeKalb and what an exciting place it is to live. Not only is DeKalb a safe and welcoming community, but there are a wide variety of entertainment and shopping venues that are close and accessible for all citizens. You will find everything from fast food to elegant dining, discount stores to high end boutiques, and outdoor patio dining to club entertainment. DeKalb has it all.

DeKalb benefits greatly from the presence of Northern Illinois University (NIU) and the entire student population, and those who choose to live here after graduation. The energy, commitment to learning and diversity make DeKalb truly a community that its citizens value. I am committed to enhancing the relationship between the residents of DeKalb, City Hall and NIU. The City has many citizen boards and commissions that allow the opportunity for community members to get involved, provide direction to the City staff as well as elected officials, and assure that DeKalb is a community that is embraced by its citizens. I encourage all citizens to be active in local government. There are tremendous opportunities here for everyone. Anyone interested in getting involved please call me at 815-748-2099.

Mayor John Rey,
City of DeKalb