Street Operations

The Street Operations Division is responsible for the daily maintenance and repair of the following City amenities:

parking lots, parkway trees, public buildings and grounds and related mechanical systems, river levee maintenance, storm water collection system, street lighting system, street signs, streets, and traffic signals.  
The Operations Division also maintains the City’s fleet of vehicles and equipment, fills potholes, sweeps roadways, mows all city-owned properties, maintains planters, seasonal banners, and holiday decorations in the Central Business District, and responds to emergency situations when road closures are required. Contact us to arrange a visit of the Street Operations Division facilities for your school or daycare class.

Seasonal Spotlight

Fall is  a good time to plant trees!  Take advantage of the mild weather and nursery sales in the fall and plant a tree.  If you are planting in the parkway, the City of DeKalb requires that you first submit an application for approval.  Click here for the application:   Tree Planting Application  Please refer to the City of DeKalb Municipal Code, Chapter 6, section 6.20 for a list of prohibited trees.  

Wherever you plant, always contact J.U.L.I.E. before digging.  Call 811 or go to:  JULIE

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