Program Structure
The City of DeKalb is the lead agency for DeKalb Sycamore Area Transportation Study (DSATS) and provides the staffing for the program. DSATS staff currently operates within the Engineering / Transportation Division of the City of DeKalb Public Works Department consisting of the:
  • City Engineer who serves as the part-time MPO Director
  • Full-time Transportation Planner
  • Full-time Assistant Transportation Planner
  • Part-time intern
Duties & Responsibilities
Staff is responsible for the ongoing supervision, management and coordination of the DSATS program planning efforts. This includes record keeping, correspondence, local funding disbursement and management, document maintenance and information dissemination.

Current Staff

Staff Member
Title Email Phone
John Laskowski
City Engineer and DSATS Director
Email 815-748-2331
Brian Dickson
DSATS Coordinator and City Transit Planner
Email 815-748-2367
Jessica Hyink
DSATS Assistant Planner
Email 815-748-2369
Charles Marshall