Member Organizations

The DeKalb Sycamore Area Transportation Study (DSATS) is made up of the municipal governments that make up the DeKalb Urban Area, DeKalb County, major educational organizations, and the transit providers in the DeKalb region.  Below is a profile of each member organization. 
DeKalb Sycamore Area Transportation Study (DSATS) logo
  1. City of DeKalb

    The City of DeKalb is the host organization for the DeKalb Sycamore Area Transportation Study (DSATS).

  2. City of Sycamore

    Sycamore is the 2nd largest community in the DeKalb Urbanized Area.

  3. Town of Cortland

    Cortland is the 3rd largest town in Illinois and is a part of the DeKalb Sycamore Area Transportation Study (DSATS) organization.

  4. DeKalb County

    The DeKalb-Sycamore Urbanized area is located in the center of DeKalb County and Sycamore is the county seat.

  5. Northern Illinois University

    Northern Illinois University is located in the City of DeKalb and is part of the Illinois Public University System.

  6. Illinois Department of Transportation

    Illinois Department of Transportation is a partner with DeKalb Sycamore Area Transportation Study (DSATS) in developing and implementing the transportation projects within the DSATS region.

  7. DeKalb Taylor Municipal Airport

    The DeKalb Taylor Municipal Airport (DTMA) provides regional airport service to the general aviation community in the DeKalb Sycamore Area Transportation Study (DSATS) region.

  8. Kishwaukee College

    Kishwaukee College began 40 years ago on 120 acres of rich farmland and has grown into a dynamic campus that promotes lifelong learning for nearly 11,000 students each academic year.

  9. Voluntary Action Center (VAC)

    The Voluntary Action Center (VAC) of DeKalb County provides fixed-route deviated and door-to-door paratransit services in DeKalb County through its TransVAC program.

  10. Northern Illinois University Student Assocation

    The Northern Illinois University Student Association promotes the welfare of students on NIU’s campus. The NIU-SU Transportation Department oversees the Huskie Bus Service.