Northern Illinois University

About the University
Northern Illinois University (NIU) is located in the City of DeKalb and is part of the Illinois Public University System. NIU had a total enrollment of 24,397 students as of Fall 2008, with:
  • 22,220 on-campus students (18,069 undergraduates, 3,854 graduate students, and 297 law students)
  • 2,177 students attending classes at NIU's off-campus locations
DSATS Involvement
As the DeKalb NIU campus has a major impact on the DeKalb region, NIU is a member of both the Policy Committee and Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). The NIU President has 1 vote on the Policy Committee. The Finance and Facility Director has 1 vote on the TAC with the NIU Student Association President having an additional vote on the TAC.