Boards F - Z

  1. Finance Advisory Committee

    The Finance Advisory Committee’s role is to provide well reasoned, financially sound recommendations to the City Council.

  2. Fire and Police Commission

  3. Fire Pension Board

    The pension fund shall be administered by a Board of Trustees as provided by Chapter 5 of the Municipal Code.

  4. Foreign Fire Insurance Tax Board

    Access agendas and minutes for the Foreign Fire Insurance Tax Board.

  5. Human Relations Commission

    Check out the Human Relations Commission agendas and minutes.

  6. Landmark Commission

    The Landmark Commission (LC) promotes preservation issues of importance in the City of DeKalb.

  7. Planning & Zoning Commission

    The Planning and Zoning Commission advises the City Council on all planning and zoning related issues in the City of DeKalb and is made up of 7 volunteers who are all DeKalb residents.

  8. Police Pension Fund

    The pension fund is administered by a board of trustees.

  9. Joint Review Board