Getting Here and Around

  1. City of DeKalb Green Bus Line

    The Green Line is an affordable, reliable route deviation service operating throughout DeKalb and is available to the general public. Click above to view a map and schedule of the Green Line.

  2. City of DeKalb Map

    The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) supports the daily tasks of every department in the City, along with allowing residents to access electronic maps through the City's website and paper maps at City Hall.

  3. DeKalb County Road Maps

    Click above to access a road map for all of DeKalb County.

  4. HuskieLine Bus

    The Huskie line is an affordable bus system that operates throughout NIU and the surrounding area. Click above to access the Huskie Line home page.

  5. Illinois Virtual Tollway Map

    Click above to access an Illinois Virtual Tollway Map.

  6. Kishwaukee College Bus Route

    Voluntary Action Center and the City of DeKalb, in cooperation with Kishwaukee College, provides bus transportation between the College and the DeKalb area. The bus service begins pick ups at various City of DeKalb locations beginning at 7:00 am with the final departure time from the College at 9:50 pm Monday through Friday.

  7. Metra Commuter Railline

    The Metra runs from Elburn to Chicago. Click above to access a railine map.

  8. NIU Maps

    Click above to access maps and directions for NIU.

  9. NIU Transportation

    Click above to access a list of NIU transportation services.

  10. Vac Transportation Service

    Whether your grandmother needs a ride to the doctor or your son needs to get to Kishwaukee College, VAC transportation service provides the key in getting you or your loved one there safely and on time.