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Project Description

 As part of its "Investing in Illinois" initiative, Nicor Gas will be making major improvements to its infrastructure in the City of DeKalb. These enhancements include replacing aging natural gas pipeline, replacing storage systems to help supplement natural gas supplies in the winter and refurbishing stations that regulate natural gas pressure. The start date for this project is the week of March 21st and the estimated end date is July 15th.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Investing in Illinois?

A. Investing in Illinois: A Nicor Gas System Improvement Initiative is a multi-year infrastructure program that is expected to foster economic growth, while enhancing the safety and reliability of our natural gas delivery and storage systems. From replacing hundreds of miles of pipeline to moving natural gas meters to the outside of homes and businesses, Investing in Illinois accelerates the rate at which the Company can upgrade the infrastructure that stores and delivers natural gas to our 2.2 million customers in more than 650 communities throughout northern Illinois.

Q. What types of system improvements will be done under this initiative?

A. In 2015, Nicor Gas replaced approximately 145 miles of natural gas main, which is the pipe that supplies natural gas to neighborhoods. We also replaced 31,000 natural gas service lines, which connect the customer’s property to the natural gas main, and upgraded natural gas transmission and storage systems.
In 2016, we will continue our system improvement efforts with an additional estimated 160 miles of gas main replacement and 30,000 natural gas service lines.

Q. Will Investing in Illinois impact my bill?

A. The improvements being made are part of the Natural Gas Consumer, Safety & Reliability Act and costs are recovered through the “Qualified Infrastructure Charge”. The charge, which began appearing on bills in March 2015, applies to the delivery portion of the bill which is about one-third of the overall bill. For the average residential customer, the adjustment will average less than $2 per month.

Q. How will I know if Nicor Gas will be working in my neighborhood?

A. If your property is going to be affected by Investing in Illinois system modernization efforts, we will contact you. This contact may be in the form of a letter, door hanger or face-to-face visit from one of our employees or contractors. You may also visit for more information on the work in your community.

Q. What should I expect during the renewal project?

A. Before any work is done in your neighborhood, you will be made aware of the details, timing or interruption of service. Appointments will be scheduled for any work that will require entering your home or interrupting your natural gas service. If your landscaping or pavement is disturbed, it will be restored to the condition in which it was found. We understand that you value the visual appearance of your property and we take great care in implementing construction practices that limit disturbances to homeowners and businesses.

Q. Will my natural gas service be interrupted during construction?

A. Any interruption to your service will depend upon the type of work being done in your neighborhood. We understand your time is valuable, if we need to interrupt your natural gas service, we will schedule an appointment.

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