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DSATS Technical Advisory Committee
Tuesday, 3 January 2017
10:00 A.M.

DeKalb County Highway Department
1826 Barber Green Road
DeKalb, IL 60115
Conference Room # 815-756-6026

Approval of Agenda (Action)
Approval of the January 3, 2017 TAC Agenda.
Approval of Minutes (Action)
Approval of the December 6, 2017 DSATS TAC meeting minutes.
Public Comments

Election of Officers (Action)
The DSATS Bylaws state that at the first meeting of the new calendar year, elections shall be held for the positions of Chair and Vice-Chair of each Committee.  The current Chair is Nathan Schwartz and current Vice-Chair is Mark Bushnell.  Members can chose to retain the current officers or select new officers.

Action:   Nomination of Officers.
Action:   Closing of Nominations.
:   Election of Officers.

TAC Meeting Dates (Action)
At the December Policy Committee (PC) meeting, members voted to change their meeting date from the 3rd Wednesday of the month to the 2nd Wednesday of the month.  With this change, staff has identified three instances in 2017 (February, March, and November) where the Policy Committee meeting occurs the day after the TAC meeting.  In other months, staff will only have a day to address TAC recommendations before submitting the PC agenda.  Staff is seeking a recommendation from TAC members to keep the current meeting date schedule or to revise it based on PC meeting date changes.

ACTION: Recommend approval of the TAC meeting date changes as decided upon by members or take no action and retain the current meeting date schedule.
Traffic Counts RFP (Action)
Staff is seeking approval of the RFP to solicit proposals for Traffic Counts in 2017.  As we look to provide the selected consultant with as much time as possible to conduct traffic counts prior to the end of NIU spring semester classes on May 4, 2017, staff is seeking approval of the RFP and timeline.  Staff is seeking discussion of the RFP at the TAC meeting and requests comments and suggestions be submitted to staff by noon on Friday, January 6, 2017.

ACTION: Recommend approval of the DSATS 2017 Traffic Counts RFP.

Alternative Transportation Subcommittee (Action)
Staff has identified several alternative transportation projects to be completed in 2017. These projects include the update of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, procurement of additional bicycle counters, and application to time intensive grants, such as Safe Routes to School. With the number of anticipated alternative transportation projects, staff recommends reconvening the Bike-Pedestrian-Alternative Subcommittee, henceforth known as the Alternative Transportation Subcommittee.

Staff would like guidance on who should be represented on this subcommittee. Suggestion for subcommittee members, include existing DSATS member organizations along with representatives from the DeKalb Park District, Sycamore Park District, DeKalb School District, and Sycamore School District.

ACTION: Authorize the reconvening of the DSATS Alternative Transportation Subcommittee.
Staff and Project Updates
Updates from staff and local member organizations on projects.

What's New with our State and Federal Partners
Updates from IDOT, FHWA, and FTA Staffs on what is happening at the state and federal level.

Additional Business
Any additional business members may have for the group.


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