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Posted on: January 10, 2018

IDOT 2017 Long Range Transportation Plan

The most recent LRTP provided IDOT with an overarching strategic framework for the future direction of transportation in Illinois. Preserving the value and usefulness of the State's past investments in highways, transit, airports, waterways, railroads, and trails remains a daunting task for IDOT. Focus was placed on preserving the value and usefulness of the State’s past investment while also enhancing the system with a particular interest in safety, sustainability, movement of freight, multi-modal inter-connectivity, human capital investment, increased services in intercity rail and public transportation and improved bike-pedestrian infrastructure.

For more information on the IDOT 2012 LRTP please refer to the Illinois State Transportation Plan page.

LRTP Website: http://www.idot.illinois.gov/transportation-system/transportation-management/planning/index

This announcement will be updated once the LRTP has been published and opened for public review.

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