Building Codes

Building Code Adopted

The City of DeKalb's fully revised Municipal Code Chapter 24 Building Code is effective February 1, 2017. The City has adopted the following building-related codes and acts, including:

  • International Building Code - 2015 Edition
  • International Residential Code for One-and Two-Family Dwellings - 2015 Edition
  • International Fire Code - 2015 Edition
  • International Plumbing Code - 2015 Edition (Chapter 11-For roof drainage only)
  • International Mechanical Code - 2015 Edition
  • International Fuel Gas Code - 2015 Edition
  • International Swimming Pool and Spa Code - 2015 Edition
  • International Existing Building Code - 2015 Edition
  • International Property Maintenance Code - 2015 Edition
  • National Electrical Code - 2014 Edition
The International Code Council (ICC) has codes available for viewing only online <click here>.  These are for viewing only and cannot be printed or copied.  

The City of DeKalb Building Division owns two sets of the ICC code books, which may be accessed in the Building Division during normal business hours. Please visit the ICC website for more information.

The following building-related codes are required by state of Illinois mandate:

For more information about City building code please call the Building & Code Division at 815-748-2070.