Annie Glidden North Task Force


The AGN Task Force will consist of community residents, apartment developers and managers, local business representatives, service providers, educational leaders and public officials who are all stakeholders in the improvement of the Annie Glidden North neighborhood.


The AGN Task Force meets on an as-needed basis. Look on the City's Calendar to find out the upcoming dates.

Agendas and Minutes

Agendas and minutes of all AGN Task Force meetings can be found here.


The role of the Task Force is to:

  1. Identify resources or provide information regarding conditions within the neighborhood;
  2. Assist in promoting larger Community Meetings to a broad range of community members;
  3. Provide information about agencies, businesses, or other entities that could assist in neighborhood improvement;
  4. Reflect concerns and issues from neighborhood and citywide residents, businesses and stakeholders;
  5. Generate ideas and provide feedback with regard to the strategies and projects that merit consideration for inclusion in the AGN Revitalization Plan;
  6. Review deliverables and provide initial comments and feedback before they go to the larger community; and
  7. Help identify potential partners and guide post plan implementation.

Task Force proposals and directions are considered as guidance to the City and planning team in the development of the AGN Revitalization Plan. The final content of the Plan shall be determined by the City Council.

Task Force Members

  • Morgan Brickley
  • Michelle Bringas
  • Deana Cada
  • David Castro
  • Jamie Craven
  • Joe Gastiger
  • Chad Glover
  • Will Heinisch
  • Derek Hiland
  • Tiara Huggins
  • Rachel Jacob
  • Dan Kenney
  • Andrew John Knox
  • Christi Krupp
  • Mohammad Labadi
  • Leroy Mitchell
  • Michael Newman
  • Michelle (Shelly) Perkins
  • Patti Perkins
  • Mike Pittsley
  • Valerie Redmond
  • Glenn Roby
  • Herb Rubin
  • Gip (Earl) Seaver
  • Kurt Thurmaier
  • Ellingsworth Webb
  • Denise Weinmann
  • Bill Finucane
  • David Jacobson

AGN Revitalization Plan

To learn more about the planning process, click here.