SFY2019-2023 TIP [Current]

SY2019 - 2023 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

The SFY2019-2023 Transportation Improvement Program is the 4 year listing of fiscally constrained transportation projects in the DSATS Region. The fiscal year is based on the Illinois State Fiscal Year which runs from July 1 to June 30. The SFY19-23 TIP was approved on June 11, 2018 by the DSATS Policy Committee. 

Please submit all comments to the DSATS to the DSATS email page.

SFY2019 - 2023 TIP Amendments and Revisions                                                                

AMENDMENT 1A public comment period for Amendment 1 was held from 6/25/18 to 7/9/18Approved: 8/30/18TIP FY 19-23 Hwy (Amendment 1) (pdf)           
REVISION 1Revision 1 was a Transit Amendment, revising an existing grant budget.Approved: 7/24/18DSATS TIP FY 19-23 TRANSIT REVISION 1 (Approved 07-24-2019) (pdf)

Revised SFY19-23 Transit TIP
DSATS Transit TIP FY 19-23 (as of 07-24-2018) (pdf)
REVISION 2Revising fiscal years and project totals on existing TIP highway projectsApproved: 7/25/18DSATS FY19-23 TIP Revision 2 (pdf)

Revised SFY19-23 Hwy TIP
DSATS FY19-23 Highway TIP (as of 11-16-2018) (pdf)
REVISION 3IDOT AC ConversionApproved: 8/30/18TIP FY 19-23 Hwy (Revision 3) (pdf)
AMENDMENT 2A public comment period for Amendment 2 was held from 11/2/18 to 11/16/18. This amendment is to revise projects slated for DSATS STU funding.Approved: 11/16/18TIP FY 19-23 Hwy (Amendment 2) w Supporting Documents (pdf)
REVISION 4IDOT AC ConversionApproved: 11/8/18TIP FY 19-23 Revision 4 (Hwy) (pdf)
AMENDMENT 3A public comment period for Amendment 3 is held from 11/28/18 to 12/12/18. This amendment is to adds an ITEP project to extend the Great Western TrailApproved: 12/12/18TIP FY 19-23 Amendment 3 - Active Transportation (with attachments) (pdf)

Revised SFY19-23 Hwy TIP
DSATS_ FY19-23 Highway TIP (as of 12-12-2018) (pdf) Opens a New Window.