Ordinance Title Date Passed
2019-001 Prohibiting the Use of Groundwater as a Potable Water Supply by the Installation or Use of Potable Water Supply Wells or by Any Other Method (421 Grove Street).  1/14/19
2019-002 Authorizing a Zoning Map Amendment from the “HI” Heavy Industrial District to the “PD-I” Planned Development – Industrial District and Approval of a Planned Development Preliminary Plan for a Community Solar Garden to be Located Along the North Side of Gurler Road, Approximately 500 feet East of South First Street (SunVest Solar, Inc.).  1/28/19
2019-003 Authorizing Amendments to Ordinances 1998-037 and 1998-038 to Allow for Additions and Renovations to the DeKalb County Rehab and Nursing Center, 2600 N. Annie Glidden Road.  1/14/19
2019-004 Authorizing Amendments to Ordinances 2002-045 and 2002-046 to Add Permitted and Special Uses, Amend the Sign Regulations and Approve a Plat of Resubdivision for the Northland Plaza Shopping Center - Sycamore Road.  1/14/19
2019-005 Authorizing a Special Use Permit for a Vehicle Service Facility at 1806 Sycamore Road.  1/14/19
2019-006 Amending Chapter 2 “City Council.” 2/25/19
2019-007 Amending the Fiscal Year-End December 31, 2018 Budget in the Amount of $171,669.20 for the Remainder of the 2018 Street Maintenance Program with Curran Contracting Company. (Reference Res 2018-082) 1/28/19
2019-008 Establishing Backup Special Service Area (SSA) 15 for Fatty’s/Culvers. (PINs: 0821252006, 0821277014, 0821277015)  2/25/19
2019-009 Establishing Backup Special Service Area (SSA) 16 for Popeye’s. (PINs: 0821276030, 0821276031, 0821276032)  2/25/19
2019-010 Establishing Backup Special Service Area (SSA) 17 for University Village. (PINs: 0815301003, 0815301006, 0815301007, 0815301008, 0815301009)  2/25/19
2019-011 Establishing Backup Special Service Area (SSA) 18 for University Plaza. (PIN: 0815351001)  2/25/19
2019-012 Establishing Backup Special Service Area (SSA) 19 for First Rockford/Nelson. (PINs: 0813126003, 0813126004) 2/25/19
2019-013 Establishing Backup Special Service Area (SSA) 20 for Casey’s. (PINs: 0824451010, 0824454011) 2/25/19
2019-014 Establishing Backup Special Service Area (SSA) 21 for Cornerstone. (PINs: 0822282011, 0822282012) 2/25/19
2019-015 Establishing Backup Special Service Area (SSA) 22 for Sonic. (PIN: 0821276028) 2/25/19
2019-016 Establishing Backup Special Service Area (SSA) 23 for Bandit’s Castle. (PINs: 0823163014, 0823163015) 2/25/19
2019-017 Establishing Backup Special Service Area (SSA) 24 for 1114 Blackhawk Road. (PIN: 0815176021) 2/25/19
2019-018 Establishing Backup Special Service Area (SSA) 25 for Home2 Suites. (PIN: 0821452003) 2/25/19
2019-019 Establishing Backup Special Service Area (SSA) 26 for 1792 Sycamore Road. (PIN: 0813151041) 2/25/19
2019-020 Establishing Backup Special Service Area (SSA) 27 for Plaza DeKalb. (PINs: 0823159035, 0823159046, 0823159050, 0823159051) 2/25/19
2019-021 Establishing an Active Special Service Area (SSA) 28 for 924 Greenbrier Road. (PIN: 0815152004) 2/25/19
2019-022 Amending Chapter 15 “Refuse, Recyclables and Waste Collection”, Section 15.10 “Collection, Processing and/or Disposal of Refuse, Recyclables and Landscape Waste in the Central Business District.” 2/11/19
2019-023 Amending Chapter 38, Section 38.01 “Definitions”, Section 38.07 “Classification of Liquor Licenses”, and Section 38.13 “Restrictions Applicable to Hospitality Sales”. 2/25/19
2019-024 Abating Taxes Levied for Library and Corporate Purposes of the City of Dekalb for Tax Year 2018 (Library and Bonds).  2/11/19
2019-025 Amending Chapter 23 “Unified Development Ordinance”, Article 7 “Supplementary District Regulations”, Article 12 “Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirements”, Article 13 “Signs”, Article 16 “Administration and Enforcement”, and Article 18 “Appeals and Variances”. 2/25/19
2019-026 Amending the Fiscal Year-End December 31, 2019 (FY2019) Budget in the Amount of $877,000 for Payments to the Illinois Treasurer and Illinois State Toll Highway Authority for Capital Improvement Projects. 2/25/19
2019-027 Amending Chapter 55, “Hotels and Motels”, to Eliminate Hotel and Motel Tax on Properties with Five or Fewer Hotel Rooms. 2/25/19
2019-028 Repealing Chapter 68, “Self-Storage Tax.” 2/25/19
2019-029 Publishing the Official Zoning Map of the City of DeKalb.  3/11/19
2019-030 Approving the Final Plans for Plaza DeKalb, Pursuant to Ordinance 2017-036, for Property Located on the Northeast Corner of 2nd Street and Lincoln Highway. 3/11/19
2019-031 Amending Chapter 5 “Fire Department”, Chapter 16 “Fire and Life Safety”, Chapter 27 “Gas Station Licenses”, and Chapter 55 “Hotels and Motels”. 3/25/19
2019-032 Approving a Special Use Permit for an Amusement Establishment (Indoor Sports Simulation Facility) at 1500-1504 Sycamore Road.  4/8/19
2019-033 Amending the FY2019 Budget and Authorizing the Purchase and Equipping of One Police Vehicle Based on the Illinois Central Management Services Contract Pricing in an Amount Not to Exceed $55,000.  4/8/19
2019-034 Amending Chapter 51 “Traffic”, Schedule B “Through Streets, Stop Intersections and Yield Intersections” as it Pertains to the Installation of Stop Sign for Northbound Huntington Road at its Intersection with Ridge Drive.  4/22/19
2019-035 Amending Chapter 51 “Traffic”, Schedule C “Parking Prohibited”, Section 1 “No Parking at Any Time”, as it Pertains to a No Parking Restriction for a Portion of Grand Avenue and Reserve Lane in the Enclave Neighborhood.  4/22/19
2019-036 Amending Chapter 51 “Traffic”, Schedule Q “Speed Restrictions” as it Pertains to the Reduction of the Speed Limit for Gurler Road from the East City Limits to the West City Limits.  4/22/19
2019-037 Authorizing an Amendment to Ordinance 2000-028 to Allow for the Remodeling of the Existing McDonalds Restaurant Located at 805 W. Lincoln Highway and Providing for Updates to the Parking Lot and Drive-Through. 4/22/19
2019-038 Amending Chapter 38 “Intoxicating Liquors”, Section 38.27(c)8 “Gambling Devices”, by Revising the Fixed Number of Liquor Licenses for Establishments that Qualify as Video Gaming Establishments to Include the Properties Located at 110-124 E. Hillcrest Drive and 1704 Sycamore Road.  5/13/19
2019-039 Amending Chapter 51 “Traffic”, Schedule C Parking Prohibited”, Schedule E “Limited Parking”, Schedule F “Limited Parking – Central Business District”, and Repealing Schedule K “Reserved Parking Stalls”, as they Pertain to On-Street and Public Lot Parking in Downtown DeKalb. 5/13/19