Greek Housing Fire Safety Act

Letter to Greek Houses

On May 1st, the Fire Chief sent out a letter to all structures that house Greek organizations. The structures need to comply with the Illinois Greek Housing Fire Safety Act by August 1st, 2019. To see this full letter click here.

Compliance List

Greek Organization Housing that is NOT in compliance.
Greek Organization Housing that IS in compliance.
1300 Blackhawk Road1202 Blackhawk Road
823 Greenbrier Road1230 Blackhawk Road
900 Greenbrier Road1114 Blackhawk Road
918 Kimberly Drive
1010 Blackhawk Road
910 W. Hillcrest Drive
901 Greenbrier Road
920 W. Hillcrest Drive
928 W. Hillcrest Drive

1020 W. Hillcrest Drive

917 Kimberly Drive

1019 Ridge Drive

924 Greenbrier Road

919 Greenbrier Road

*This list is current as of May 1st, 2019. It shall be updated as properties become compliant.*