1. Hunter Safety Course
  2. Rape Aggression Defense Training
  3. T.I.P.S.

Instructor speaking to classThe DeKalb Police Department, in conjunction with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, hosts an annual hunter safety course. The DeKalb Police Department began sponsoring the Hunter Safety class in 1978.

State Requirements

A 1996 law requires all hunters born on or after January 2nd, 1980 to successfully complete the hunter education course before they are able to receive their first hunting license. Many other states require all out of state hunters to possess a hunter safety certificate before they are allowed to hunt in their state.

Class Overview

This is a 10-hour class, broken down into 3 mandatory sessions, with a written exam at the end of the 3rd session. Upon completion of the written test, students take part in a supervised shoot on the indoor range at the DeKalb Police Department. There is no age limit to participate in the class but reading is required. Registration is required and the course is free of charge.

The class covers a broad range of topics including firearms, hunter ethics, survival techniques, first aid and, of course, a strong emphasis on hunter safety. An Illinois State Conservation officer also speaks to the class about hunting regulations and updates in state conservation law.

Upcoming Class

A Hunter Safety Education training course, sponsored by the DeKalb Police Department and Illinois Department of Natural Resources will be held at the DeKalb Police Department located at 700 West Lincoln Highway in DeKalb.  Attendance is mandatory at all 3 sessions, for all 10 hours.

Course instruction includes:

  • Basic archery
  • Firearms safety
  • First aid
  • Hunter ethics
  • Muzzle-loading
  • State regulations
  • Survival techniques
  • Wildlife management
  • Game Identification, with an overall emphasis on Gun Safety
  1. Bicycle Registration
  2. Car Seat Safety Checks
  3. Internet Safe Trade Zone
  4. Tobacco Compliance Checks
  5. TRIAD

Every year the DeKalb Police Department recovers numerous bicycles.  Unfortunately, only a few of these bicycles are returned back to their owner.  The Police Department donates all unclaimed bicycles to the Youth Service Bureau to auction every six months.   Along with keeping your bike locked up, it is important that you register your bike with the Police Department. Registering your bicycle is a written record of the bike's pertinent information, including serial number.  A registration sticker will be issued to you that should be placed on the frame of your bicycle.  Having this information enables the police to enter the bike in our computer system should it ever be stolen, or return it to you if it is recovered.  And, it's free!

Register your bicycle in person at the Police Department Monday - Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.