RFQ for On-call Transit Planning Services

On-call Transit Planning Services – DeKalb, Illinois
Requested By: City of DeKalb (hereinafter “COD”)
Proposal Due Date: February 10, 2023, 2:00 PM Central Daylight Time
Pre-Proposal Questions: COD encourages firms to provide written questions regarding this solicitation by February 03, 2023 at 5pm (CDT) to

Mike Neuenkirchen

Transit Manager 

City of DeKalb

Phone: 815-748-2370

E-mail: Michael.Neuenkirchen@cityofdekalb.com 


Responses will be posted on the COD’s website by 5 pm (CDT) on February 10, 2023.
Proposal Submission: Each proposal shall be prepared simply and economically, avoiding the use of extensive promotional materials beyond those sufficient to provide a complete and accurate presentation.

The proposal shall be sent in an enclosed box or large mailing envelope, plainly marked as “Proposal for the DeKalb on-call transit planning services.” Three (3) paper copies and one (1) electronic copy on CD or Thumb Drive of the proposal should be sent to:

Michael Neuenkirchen 

Transit Manager

City of DeKalb

1216 Market Street

DeKalb, IL  60115

Proposal Available From: The REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS is available by clicking here  
Addenda: Any addenda will be available on the website above. Proposer is responsible for checking the website for addenda until the proposal opening date.
In addition to price and addenda, the criteria set forth herein may be considered in judging which Proposal is in the best interest of COD Project understanding; Professional qualifications of all people assigned to this project, The lead firm’s approach to implementing this project, including probable timelines and deadlines, The lead firm’s capacity to accomplish the work within its proposed timelines, The estimated cost to accomplish the work, by Phase, within the proposed timelines, The estimated cost to accomplish the work as a whole, Past performance on government contracts in terms of quality of work, ability to perform within performance schedules, ability to stay within an agreed budget.