Liquor Licenses

Liquor Licenses

Applicants for liquor licenses are encouraged to review Chapter 38 of the Municipal Code to familiarize themselves with the types of liquor licenses available and the requirements for application, background investigation, and associated fees.

Please note that liquor sales are not permitted from gas stations or convenience type stores.

Forms for application and background investigation for new licenses, and the renewal of existing licenses, are available by contacting the City Manager's Office at (815) 748-2090.

Code Violations-Liquor Licenses

The Legal Division prosecutes any violations of Chapter 38 that are brought against a liquor licensee. Public hearings are held on such violations. Cited licensees or their attorneys are invited to contact the City Attorney to discuss potential agreed dispositions of such charges prior to scheduled hearings. All agreed dispositions are placed on the record at the public hearing and are subject to approval by the Liquor Commissioner and his attorney.
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