Chapter 23: Unified Development Ordinance

Table of Contents
Article 1:     Title, Purpose and Effective Date
Article 2:     General Provisions
Article 3:     Definitions
Article 4:     Zoning Districts and Official Zoning Map
Article 5:     Zoning District Regulations
Article 6:     Overlay District Regulations
Article 7:     Supplementary District Regulations
Appendix 7-A:  Design Requirements for New Residential Construction in Older Neighborhoods
Article 8:     Development Impact Fees
Article 9:     Streets, Sidewalks and Subdivision Redesign
Article 10:   Utilities
Article 11:   Floodways, Floodplains, Storm Drainage and Erosion
Article 12:   Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirements
Article 13:   Signs
Article 14:   Permits
Article 15:   Subdivision of Land
Article 16:   Administration and Enforcement
Article 17:   Site Plan Review Requirements
Article 18:   Appeals and Variances
Article 19:   Non-Conforming Situations
Article 20:   Amendments
Appendix 20-A:  Table of Amendments
Chapter 23: Unified Development Ordinance (All Articles Combined)