Department Information

Department Staff

The DeKalb Police Department employs 65 full-time sworn officers supported by 28 full-time and part-time civilian personnel.

The department consists of 2 Bureaus - Operations and Support.  Under the Operations Bureau are the Investigation and Patrol divisions.  Under the Support Bureau are the Support and Special Services divisions. The department is staffed with the Chief of Police, 1 Deputy Chief, 4 Commanders, and 11 Sergeants.

The members of the DeKalb Police Department welcome you to our department and hope that you will join us in the fight against crime, and strive for a higher quality of life.


DeKalb is located 60 miles west of Chicago and 30 miles southeast of Rockford. We are the home of the second largest university in the state of Illinois – Northern Illinois University. The university offers many educational opportunities and is host to many special events – sports, art, music, dance, theater, to name a few.

Special Events

The City of DeKalb is host to many special events as well – CornFest, Kishwaukee Fest, Ellwood House ArtFest, high school and junior high school regional, sectional and state events, 4th of July celebration, and Memorial Day events.