Investigations Division

The Investigation Division consists of 1 Commander, 1 Sergeant, 6 Detectives, and 2 Detectives/SRO (School Resource Officer). The division is divided into 4 sections.


Crimes section primary responsibilities are investigating general criminal cases requiring follow-up investigations; major criminal offenses assigned directly to the division; investigations of license applicants; and background investigations of police personnel.

Community Relations / Special Projects

Community relations/special projects detective has the responsibility of developing and presenting crime prevention programs to senior citizens and the general public. 

School Resource Officers / Youth Officers

The School Resource officers are permanently assigned to the DeKalb High School and Jr. High School while school is in session. These officers handle the majority of complaints requiring police action in the schools, and they interact with students and staff on non-criminal matters. They also are assigned to investigate criminal offenses committed by juveniles who are referred to the division and make determinations as to their disposition and referrals. They also investigate abuse cases committed against juveniles.

Targeted Response Unit

The Targeted Response Unit (TRU) consists of 1 Sergeant and 3 Patrol Officers. The Targeted Response unit's mission is to implement a proactive, problem solving initiative, consistent with the department's community oriented policing philosophy. TRU will address street crime and quality of life issues in order to improve public safety and enhance our overall quality of life. 

TRU is also responsible for monitoring all registered sex offenders, parolees, individuals wanted on warrants, and gang members residing within the community. Additionally, TRU will be on the front line of proactive policing through the pursuit of known offenders, by initiating street level narcotics-related investigations, and supporting other Operations Bureau functions.