Bike Patrol

In the Spring of 2001, the DeKalb Police Department started a Bike Patrol program. Currently, 9 officers are assigned to this patrol with the days and hours varying. The officers received a week-long training covering bike safety, traffic laws, nutrition, bike maintenance, tactical moves, and various maneuvers to control the bike.

The Police bicycle is a Trek and includes a light, air pump, supply bag including a first aid kit and police forms, water bottle, air pump, and other miscellaneous items. The officer’s uniform includes a helmet, gloves, tennis shoes, and shirts, shorts and pants that are specially made for this type of duty.

Community Acceptance
A Bike Patrol officer is more approachable when patrolling. The officer is encouraged to stop and talk to residents and establish an open and positive communication with the citizens. The Bike Patrol is especially effective during special events and parades. The bike officer can be on roadways and in parking lots providing patrol and still only be seconds away if needed to respond to a call.
Officer Ackland on Bike Patrol
There are many benefits in having a bike patrol:
  • Bicycles can go where cars can not.
  • Bike officers have more contact with our youth and become positive role models.
  • Costs are less for bicycles than for cars.
  • Much more ground can be covered on the bike.
  • Officers are out of their cars and are more accessible to the public.
  • Officers can approach silently on the specially designed bikes.
  • Subjects can not generally outrun officers on bikes.