Traffic Violations

If the charge filed again you is a criminal traffic violation or a misdemeanor, you must appear in court on the date and time specified on the traffic citation of complaint.

Civil traffic cases can be resolved prior to the appearance date on your complaint by one of the 3 following ways:
  • Option #1: Plead guilty, Pay $120, unless the complaint is for speeding 21-30 miles per hours over the speed limit, then pay $140. Your conviction is reported to the Secretary of State.
  • Option #2: To avoid a conviction on your driving record, plead guilty and register for the Driver Safety Program. Pay $185, non-refundable (motorists charged with driving 21-30 miles over the posted limit must pay an additional $20 for a total of $205 non-refundable).
  • Option #3: Plead not guilty and request a hearing before a Judge. Your may bring witnesses and present your case before the judge. If you are found responsible, you lose the option of going to the Defensive Driving Class.