School Resource Officer

The School Resource Officer program is a cooperative effort between the DeKalb Police Department and the DeKalb School District. Detective Lockhart and Officer Sullivan work together and serve as the DeKalb Police Department School Resource Officers (SRO). They are sworn police officers assigned to the DeKalb High School, Huntley Jr. High and Clinton Rosette. Officer Sullivan primarily works at the junior high schools and Detective Lockhart primarily works at the DeKalb High School.


The School Resource Officer serves as a teacher, counselor, role model, and advocate for students, families, faculty and staff. The SRO is not the school disciplinarian, nor does he perform any other staff function. He brings full service, personalized policing to an important segment of our community. With a full time presence in the schools, he is an easily recognized and approachable resource for students.

The SROs presence demonstrates the officer’s commitment to the students and tends to strengthen the student/police bond. This also demonstrates the police department’s willingness to go beyond the normal tour of duty for the safety and interest of the students.


The goals of the SRO are:
  1. Provide students, faculty and staff the opportunity to meet and interact with a police officer in a non-confrontational setting.
  2. To act as a deterrent to crime in the school buildings, on campus, and in the community surrounding the school not only through uniformed presence, but also by developing positive relationships with students, faculty, staff, and community members.
  3. To provide for the safety and security of the school’s students, faculty, staff and visitors.
The SRO is under the direct supervision of the Criminal Investigation Commander. He also works closely with the principals, dean of students, and school security officers.
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