Crime Free Housing


The Crime-Free Housing Bureau is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the Crime Free Housing and Inspections Program including the annual rental property registration program; conducting crime free program certification workshops for residential property managers; coordinating crime prevention security assessments of the property and serving as a liaison between the Police Department and the landlord/rental property owner community.

Program in Effect in DeKalb

In October of 2022, changes in the City of DeKalb Municipal Ordinance Chapter 10 (PDF), which now includes the Crime Free Housing Program, took effect. In brief, the ordinance states that every landlord must register their rental property annually with a security plan to prevent the occurrence of unlawful activity at the rental property with the City of DeKalb; that every lease shall contain a crime free lease provision; and landlords will be required to attend an educational program and then a refresher course on an annual basis in succeeding years.

Important Documents