Snow Plowing

City crews clear snow from all city streets and parking lots based on a 
scheduled snowplow map (PDF). Streets are cleared in order of priority beginning with emergency snow routes.
Snow Plow clears Lincoln Highway
Snow Routes Explained
Residents of DeKalb are strongly encouraged to remove their cars from all streets to facilitate snow removal operations. If you are parked on a snow route, you must move your vehicle after a two inch snowfall. Parking on designated snow routes is prohibited until the street has been completely plowed from curb to curb. View Municipal Code Chapter 51.13-5 (PDF) for more information.

Snow emergencies are declared by the Director of Public Works and disseminated through the local radio stations, channel 14, and this website. Be aware of snow forecasts and be prepared to move your vehicle.

How to Help

If possible, park your vehicle in your driveway when not in use. If your vehicle is parked on a Snow Emergency Route when a snow emergency is declared, move your vehicle immediately.

Plow Trucks 
Salt trucks are equipped to move at slow traffic speeds. Please stay well behind these trucks and allow them plenty of room to operate. A minimum distance of 100 feet behind all snow removal equipment should be maintained at all times.

Private Snow Removal
Please do not place snow in the street when clearing your sidewalk or driveway.  Placing any snow in the street creates dangerous conditions and is prohibited by City ordinance.