Storm Sewers

The storm sewer/catch basin crew maintains more than 190 miles of storm water sewers within the City and over 9,400 catch basin and manhole structures.  

catch basin
The main reason for storm sewers not draining is debris. Grass and leaves can clog storm drains and cause street flooding making travel hazardous. It is a violation of City code to place grass or leaves in the street.

Broken storm sewer grates can be a hazard for bicycles, pedestrians, and small animals. They can also contribute to slow draining by allowing large pieces of debris to enter the storm sewer system and become lodged in the piping below.

Sinkholes appear when the earth or materials beneath the street or the sewer structure wash away and a void is created. This void can lead to sinking of the roadway or to a failure of the storm sewer structure itself. A sinkhole can look very small on the surface, but could be quite large underground where you cannot see it. Should you see a sinkhole forming, stay away from the general area and contact us at once.

For questions regarding sanitary sewer issues, contact the Kishwaukee Water Reclamation