Wells & Treatments

The Wells and Treatment Division is responsible for the production of the City’s water supply. Activities in this division include the operation and maintenance of 9 wells, 5 ion exchange/iron filtration treatment plants, and 4 elevated storage tanks.

The employees within this division take great pride in ensuring that residents of the City of DeKalb will have a safe, clean and reliable water supply on a daily basis.
Inside a Water Treatment Plant
Thorough Water Treatment
Before leaving the Treatment Plant, the groundwater is treated with chlorine and phosphate to insure the safety of the water supply within the distribution system. In addition, fluoride is added to the water to promote the development of strong teeth.

Facts & Figure
  • Maximum Pumping Capacity = 12.0 MGD (Million Gallons per Day)
  • Average Daily Demand = 3.32 MGD
  • Maximum Daily Demand = 4.7 MGD Maximum Storage Capacity = 5.75 Million Gallons (4 elevated storage tanks)
  • Total Finished Water Pumped (2014) = 1.16 Billion Gallons