About Us

About the Division

The City of DeKalb Airport Division provides all the administration services and airport maintenance for DeKalb Airport including Capital Improvement projects.


The City of DeKalb’s Airport Division is managed by Renee Riani, Airport Manager. Renee is supported by a team of 42 full time City personnel who make up the Department of Public Works, along with the staff of the DeKalb Flight Center, DeKalb Taylor Municipal Airport’s FBO (Fixed Base Operator).

Airport Services

The DeKalb Flight Center provides:

  • Aircraft fuel sales (100 Octane Low Lead and Jet A)
  • Aircraft repair and service
  • Flight instruction
  • Hangar storage facilities
  • Pilot controlled lighting
  • VFR and IFR navigational aides (i.e., a full Instrument Landing System, GPS approaches to all runways, current weather conditions via the Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS III) located on the Airport)

Aircraft Accommodations

DTMA is designed to accommodate private, small general aviation aircraft to large corporate aircraft (including DC-9 and 737 type aircraft). The new long range corporate aircraft can take off out of DeKalb and go non-stop to Europe or China with the runway length we have to offer.


Airport amenities include a conference room facility, Wi-Fi, airport courtesy cars, a pilot lounge and self serve fuel.

For More Information

Please email Renee Riani or call 815-748-8102 with any questions.