Public Participation Plan (PPP)

About the Plan
The DeKalb-Sycamore Area Transportation Study (DSATS) works to provide opportunities for meaningful public and stakeholder involvement in transportation related decision-making processes. DSATS will accomplish this by making information accessible to all citizens through multiple venues and techniques. Actual and meaningful discussion and input is the key to effective public involvement. This Public Participation Plan outlines the strategies that DSATS will employ to accomplish this goal.

Updating Process

The PPP shall be reviewed and updated after the adoption of the most recent Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). As the 2035 LRTP is expected to be adopted in mid 2010, the current PPP shall be reviewed and updated during FY11.

The Public Participation Plan (PDF) shall be updated every 5 years following the adoption of a new Long Range Transportation Plan.  Each year, the appendices shall be updated to identify any changes in membership and the identification of meetings in the coming year. Each 5-year update of the PPP and whenever portions of the PPP are updated, the PPP must be made available for public comment for a period of 45 days. Annual Appendix updates do not require a public comment period but shall be made available for viewing in the DSATS offices and on the DSATS website.