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DSATS Transit Subcommittee
Wednesday, 2 January 2019
10:00 A.M.

DeKalb County Highway Department
1826 Barber Greene Road
DeKalb, IL 60115
Conference Room # 815-756-6026



Approval of Agenda (Action)

Approval of January 2, 2019, TS Agenda.

Approval of Minutes (Action)

Approval of November 7, 2018, TS Minutes.

Public Comments


Election of Officers

The DSATS Bylaws state that elections shall be held for the positions of Chair and Vice-Chair of each Committee at the first meeting of the new calendar year. The current Chair is Bill Nicklas, and the current Vice-Chair is Tim Holdeman. Members can choose to retain the current officers or select new officers.

Action: Nomination of Officers.
Action: Closing of Nominations.
Action: Election of Officers.

Sources of Transit Funding

Staff will provide information on all sources of transit funding including Downstate Operating Assistance Program, Federal Transit Funding 5307 including Small Transit Intensive Cities, Local Match Sources, and Farebox Revenues. This will include an explanation of previous year funding totals and the increased utilization of state funds.

Full Consolidation Implementation

This will include discussion of transit service routes and times that will be in effect as of January 2nd, 2019.

DSATS 2019 Calendar

Staff will provide members with a calendar of 2019 meeting dates.

Staff and Project Updates

Updates from staff, transit providers, and local member organizations on projects.

What's New with Our State and Federal Partners

Updates from IDOT, and FTA Staff on what is happening at the state and federal level.

Additional Business



If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact:

Brian Dickson                      Marcus Cox
Transportation Planner          Transit Manager
    815-748-2367                   815-748-2370
Assistive and Language Services provided upon request.
Recording devices may be used during meeting for minute taking purposes.