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DSATS Policy Committee
Thursday, 15 February 2018
3:00 P.M.
Rescheduled Meeting

DeKalb County Highway Department
1826 Barber Greene Rd.
DeKalb, IL 60115
Conference Room # 815-756-6026



Approval of Agenda (Action)

Approval of the February 15, 2018 PC meeting agenda.

Approval of Minutes (Action)

Approval of the January 10, 2017 PC meeting minutes.

Public Comment


DSATS SFY18-22 Highway TIP Amendment 3 (Action)

Staff is seeking approval of the Highway TIP Amendment 3 for the addition of a project to clean and paint the structural steel on the IL-64 Bridge over the South Branch of the Kishwaukee River, 1.5.miles west of IL-23. No comments were received during the public comment period.

ACTION: Approve the DSATS SFY18-22 TIP Amendment 3.

Approval of Video Collection Units for Traffic Counts Bid (Action)

Staff is seeking approval of the Video Traffic Counters bid for issuance.

ACTION: Approve the Video Traffic Counters Bid for issuance.

DSATS SFY18-22 Highway TIP Amendment 4

IDOT has requested an Amendment be made to the DSATS TIP for the addition of a project to replace guardrail end sections at various locations in DeKalb and Kendall Counties. As some of the locations are within the DSATS boundaries, the project must be included on the DSATS TIP. As this is an addition to the TIP, staff will hold a 14-day public review period for this project. Final approval of the DSATS SFY18-22 TIP Amendment 4 will be sought at the March 2018 DSATS meetings.

DSATS SFY18-22 Highway TIP Revision 5

IDOT has requested Barber Green Road widening project from IL-23 to Peace Road be moved to Advanced Construction (AC) status as IDOT considers specific apportionment or state contract ceiling insufficient to meet project specifications at this time. On 2-2-2018 staff received an additional request to place the Rich Road HMA overlay project in AC status also. Advanced Construction requests are performed by staff and only brought to the DSATS Committees as an informational item. No further action is required.

Advance Construction (AC) is a cash flow management tool that allows IDOT to begin projects with State funds and later convert these projects to Federal assistance. Advance Construction allows IDOT to request and receive approval to construct Federal-aid projects in advance of the apportionment of authorized Federal-aid funds

VAC Route Schedule Maps

The DSATS intern has developed new schedule maps for the VAC Blue, Green, and Kishwaukee lines. Staff looks to present these schedules to the DSATS committees prior to providing them to the public. The bus routes will be available for publishing for anyone who wishes some copies. A full printing will be held off until new proposed routes schedules are finalized.

Establishing a Personnel Committee

Discuss formation of a committee to provide input on DSATS staffing and performance evaluations.

ACTION: Approve the formation of a Personnel Committee.

Bus Shelter Project Update

Staff will provide an update on the Bus Shelter Project.

Staff and Project Updates

Updates from staff and local member organizations on projects.

What's New with Our State and Federal Partners

Updates from IDOT, FHWA, and FTA Staffs on what is happening at the state and federal level.

Additional Business

Any additional business members may have for the group.


If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact:
Brian Dickson
Transportation Planner
Assistive and Language Services provided upon request
Recording devices may be used during meeting for minute taking purposes.