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DSATS Policy Committee
Wednesday, 9 May 2018
3:00 P.M.

DeKalb County Highway Department
1826 Barber Greene Rd.
DeKalb, IL 60115
Conference Room # 815-756-6026



Administrative Agenda


Approval of Agenda (Action)

Approval of May 9, 2018 PC Agenda.

Approval of Minutes (Action)

Approval of April 11, 2018 PC Minutes.

Public Comment


Public Hearing on FY19-23 DSATS Transportation Improvement Program

DSATS annually updates its Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) to include new projects and update the cost, extent, and other revisions of the current DSATS projects. DSATS and member organization staff have reviewed and updated the TIP for FY19-23 and made available the updated TIP for public comment. As part of the public comment process, a public hearing on the TIP is being held to take additional comments.

Approval of DSATS SFY19-23 TIP (Action)

Staff has updated the current TIP based on information provided by member organizations and is seeking approval of the DSATS SFY19-23 TIP. Staff is currently taking public comments on the TIP. Staff is seeking approval of the DSATS SFY19-23 TIP contingent upon the completion of the public comment period and staff addressing any comments received.

ACTION: Approve the DSATS FY19-23 TIP contingent upon the completion of the TIP public comment period and staff addressing any comments received. Staff shall update the PC of any comments and actions taken by staff at the next regular meeting of the PC.

Approval of DSATS SFY19 UPWP (Action)

Staff must submit its annual budget to IDOT. As part of the SFY2019 MPO budget process, all MPO’s must develop a Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) which identifies the goals of the MPO in the next federal year. Staff is seeking approval of the SFY19 DSATS UPWP to submit to IDOT.

ACTION: Approve the DSATS SFY19 UPWP for submittal to IDOT.

Governance – IGA and Bylaws Amendments


Roadway Agenda


Transit Agenda


Proposed Phased Routing Plan (Action)

The City of DeKalb and VAC are proposing to change their public transit fares and revise some of their service routes. Transit and DSATS staff will present the proposed changes to members for review and comment. Staff is seeking a recommendation from the DSATS Policy Committee to the City of DeKalb to approve the recommended transit changes.

ACTION: Recommend the DeKalb City Council approve the proposed changes to the DeKalb region public transit system.

Notice of Public Review and Public Hearing

The proposed fare changes and route changes require a public comment period and public hearing be held to take citizen comments on the proposed changes. Staff is providing PC notice of the upcoming Public Review Period and Public Hearing and request members provide comments and recommendations on the public notice process.

Bus Shelter Project Update

Staff will provide an update on the Bus Shelter Project.

Active Transportation Agenda


Closing Agenda


Staff and Project Updates

Updates from staff and local member organizations on projects.

What's New with Our State and Federal Partners

Updates from IDOT, FHWA, and FTA Staffs on what is happening at the state and federal level.

Additional Business

Any additional business members may have for the group.


If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact:
Brian Dickson
Transportation Planner

Assistive and Language Services provided upon request
Recording devices may be used during meeting for minute taking purposes.