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Aug 10

Weekend Work Leads to the Start of Paving on Monday

Posted on August 10, 2018 at 3:13 PM by Patrick DiDiana

This week contractors concluded milling/grinding operations in the Ellwood Neighborhood except for several stretches of long winding curbs and turn radiuses.  Crews will return this Saturday, August 11, to complete those curbs and turn radiuses. 

Paving operations are scheduled to begin on Monday, August 13.  Contractors will begin to pour binder course on Woodley, Augusta, and Miller.  The binder course will consist of a large aggregate mixed with oil to withstand the high stresses that occur about 50 – 70 mm below the asphalt surface. The binder course which is placed between the surface course and base course reduces rutting by combining qualities of stability and durability. 

Binder course pic