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Oct 09

Crack Filling

Posted on October 9, 2018 at 4:01 PM by Patrick DiDiana

With milling and paving operations completed, the 2018 Street Maintenance Program will begin the next phase, a citywide crack filling program.

In addition to the Rivermist, Devonshire Farms, and South Point subdivisions contractors will canvass the streets listed below to identify crack filling opportunities. 

 Street  From  To
 Annie Glidden Road  South of Viaduct  Bellevue Drive
 South First Street  Taylor  Corporate Limits
 North First Street Augusta Dresser
Dresser Annie Glidden Road First Street
Bethany Road First Street Resource Parkway
Bethany Road Annie Glidden Road First Street
Harvestore First Street IL 23
Fairview Drive Annie Glidden Road Peace Road
Pleasant Street Peace Road Seventh Street

Crack filling is the placement of asphalt emulsion into longitudinal and transverse cracks to reduce water infiltration.  By restricting water from penetrating the base and sub-base layers of a street, crack filling extends the pavement life and stands out as a cost-effective technique.

How the crack sealant is applied is important.

To get the best results, prior to filling contractors use an air compressor to remove debris such as loose rock, dirt, and vegetation.  A clean surface ensures the crack filling materials properly seal the crack.