What are my options after receiving a traffic citation?
You may plead guilty and pay a $120 fine, unless the complaint is for speeding 21-30 miles per hour over the speed limit, then you must pay $140. No seat belt fine is $60.

You may request court supervision via the mail by using the Clerk of the Circuit Court of DeKalb County form or by appearing before the judge on your assigned court date. Provisions of court supervision are you must attend a 4-hour driving school, you have not been placed on court supervision within the last 12 months in any court for a traffic violation and you have to pay a $185 non-refundable fine, unless charged with driving 21-30 miles over the posted limit you must pay an additional $20 for a total of $205 fine.

You can also plead not guilty and request a hearing before a judge. Refer to your ticket for directions.

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1. What are my options after receiving a traffic citation?
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