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    This complaint form will be sent only to the Police Department for review. If would like your complaint to be review by the Citizens Police Review Board and the Police Department, please use this form

  2. Citizen Complaint Procedure and Form
    The City of DeKalb is committed to integrity, teamwork, diversity, empowerment, high quality and professional service and the protection of constitutional rights. It is the policy of the City of DeKalb to seriously consider complaints lodged by citizens. The purpose of this policy is to establish a formal procedure for filing and investigating citizen complaints related to their treatment by City employees. This policy will serve to protect not only the citizens, but the City as well by ensuring there is a uniform investigative mechanism available for persons who feel aggrieved by City employees. The City has a duty to investigate complaints of wrongdoing by its employees and this policy is intended to ensure that the City fulfills this duty. This policy is not intended to provide an opportunity for citizens to arbitrate discretionary decisions of City employees or public officials relating to policy issues. Policy issues or disagreements regarding policies should be directed to the Mayor and City Council. Rather, this policy is intended to provide a remedy to citizens who feel that their concerns regarding the treatment they have received are not being heard by the City and its representatives with whom they have spoken. This policy will assist such citizens in obtaining access to the upper ranks of City staff. Precautions will be taken to protect the confidentiality of the persons involved in such complaints, which will involve not only personnel issues, but matters of internal investigations. The City Manager is primarily responsible for enforcing this policy, and will assist citizens with complaints by directing them to the appropriate department head or other staff member. The form below will be utilized to implement this policy and will be freely available to citizens. It is preferred that supervisors provide a paper copy of the complaint form to citizens who wish to make the complaint at a City office. However, if a supervisor is not available, every City office will have copies readily available for distribution.
  3. The City Manager will provide a copy of a completed Citizen Complaint Form to the appropriate Department Head and to any other City official or employee who, in the City Manager's discretion, requires a copy. It is the Department Head's obligation to complete an investigation of each such complaint within sixty days of the receipt of the complaint. The Department Head shall report his or her findings and recommendations to the City Manager within the sixty-day period. The City Manager will be available to the citizen to answer questions as they arise during the investigation and will inform the citizen of the results of the investigation. However, no person shall be entitled to personnel information that is confidential and prohibited from release under the Illinois Personnel Record Review Act or other law or collective bargaining agreement.
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