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Make a Complaint to the Citizen Police Review Board

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  2. Citizen Police Reform Board

    The Citizens Police Review Board promotes the highest principles of professional police conduct. Please complete this form if you feel these principles have not been met.

  3. Citizen Complaint Procedures

    Completed citizen complaint forms are delivered to the Secretary to the Citizens Police Review Board and the Chief of Police. 

    The Review Board will consider whether there is a reasonable basis to believe a department policy has been violated. If the Board believes a reasonable basis exists, an inquiry into the complaint will be conducted.

    Following the inquiry, written recommendations will be made to the Chief of Police as to whether the Review Board finds it is more likely than not that a department policy was violated, and which discipline, if any, should be imposed.

    If the Chief of Police is the subject of a citizen complaint, the Review Board's written recommendations will be made to the City Manager.

    Please note: The Review Board cannot consider anonymous complaints; however, anonymous complaints can be considered by the Chief of Police.

  4. What was the date and approximate time of the incident you are describing?

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  6. Please provide a detailed account of what happened and tell us how we could have served you better.

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  8. Do you believe that you were treated differently because of your race, gender, religion, ethnicity, national origin, disability, age or sexual orientation?*

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