Location History

From 1891 to 1967 the DeKalb Police Department shared this location with City Hall.  The building was built for $8000, plus $1,140 for the land.  On June 6th, 1891, it was ordained that the building be erected to accommodate a portion of the Fire Department, City Council, Police Magistrate, City Calaboose, and the Public Library.

From 1968 to 2013 the department moved to 200 S. 4th Street where we again shared the building with City administrative offices with a total cost of $898,000 for the building and the land.

On November 22, 2013, the DeKalb Police Department moved to its current location at 700 W. Lincoln Highway.  The cost for the building was $12 million dollars and the land was a little over $1.5 million.

View our story about about move to our new police facility. 

Department History

  1. 1800s
  2. 1900-1950
  3. 1951-1999
  4. 2000-2010
  5. 2011-2015

In 1885 A. Isaacson was appointed special or merchant police by the Mayor. I. Shoop was named as special policeman whose duty it shall be to work on the streets and sidewalks as much as possible when not complicating with his said duties as special police. Shoop was paid $50 per month in consideration of which Shoop was to furnish for use of city, one horse, one wagon and harness.

From 1884 to 1893 seven marshals served the city, including J.M. Shoop, Marsh L. Brown, David Riddle, John Howard Balis, James Shaw, Conrad Springer and Joseph C. Bennett.

On July 22nd, 1885 the DeKalb Police Department was officially established. In 1894, a city marshal and a night watchman were all that was needed to keep law and order in DeKalb. The city marshal received a salary of $40 per month and the night watchman earned $15 per month. During this time, there was very little activity and no traffic problems.

By 1899, the city marshal earned $50 per month and the night watchman received $20 per month.

Chiefs of Police

  1. 1800-1900
  2. 1901- 1999
  3. 2000- Present

April 3, 1871: John Bennett

May 6, 1872:   Weston Cheeney

July 2, 1872:     Robert Speer

May 8, 1875   Oscar Scott

April 20, 1878    Robert Speer

May 14, 1878     A.P. Mennis,

April 19, 1879    E.S. Perry

April 24, 1880    Henry Morrell

April 22, 1881    J.A. Raleigh

April 19, 1882    Nathan King

May 1, 1886        Conrad Springer                

May 2, 1887        Marsh L. Brown

May 5, 1888        David Riddle      

May 9, 1889        John H. Bale

May 1, 1890        Jas. Shaw             

July 5, 1890         Conrad Springer                

May 1, 1893        Joseph C. Bennett            

 May 1, 1894        Thomas J. Adams