Planning & Zoning Petitions

Petition Procedure

  1. City staff reviews the materials submitted by the petitioner, consults current regulations, reports the findings of fact, and develops a recommendation for the Planning and Zoning Commission to consider.
  2. A public hearing is held before the Planning and Zoning Commission, at which the petitioner presents the proposal, City staff presents findings of fact and recommendation, citizens may speak in favor or against the proposal, and commissioners discuss the proposal and feedback from the City and citizens.
  3. The Planning and Zoning Commission makes a recommendation to the City Council to approve the petition as presented, approve the petition with conditions, deny the petition, or request further information, thus postponing the determination of the petition.
  4. The City Council considers the petition, the findings of fact, the current regulations, and the recommendations from City staff and the Commission. The City Council makes the final decision, except for Variation Petitions, which are decided by the Planning and Zoning Commission and not forwarded to the City Council.

Petition Requirements

Planning and Zoning Petition Forms are available online here and may be completed electronically.  For the fee schedule, please click here. All requirements must be completed prior to consideration by the Planning and Zoning Commission.