Citizen Complaints / Commendations

The below charts represent the total number of active officers with a complaint or commendation for each given year. Complaints are listed by the year of occurrence and not when the complaint was resolved. These totals do not represent the total number of complaints/commendations for the department and will be higher than the actual total, due to the fact that some complaints or commendations that applied to multiple officers. These totals also only include officers that were active from 2020 forward. Breakdown by officer are linked below by year. The total below will be updated quarterly. Years with a * represent the year to date total.

Use of Force Complaints: Formal complaints submitted to the department alleging an officer violated the department's Use of Force policy.

Other Complaints: Formal complaints submitted to the department alleging an officer violated one of the department's policies.

Commendations: Exemplary activity documented related to an officer's performance by a Sergeant, Commander, Chief or City Manager.

Citizen Appreciation: Appreciation from citizens occur when a citizen calls or writes the police department to show their gratitude for the hard or good work the officer exemplified during a call or contact with our community.

Year Complaints (Use of Force) Sustained Complaints (Use of Force) Complaints (All Other) Sustained Complaints (All Other) Commendations Citizen Appreciation
2023* 1 0 14 0 129 3


0 0 11 2 121 4
2021 0 0 2 0 69 21
2020 0 0 1 0 78 10
2019 1 1 12 0 28 5
2018 0 0 4 0 87 6
2017 0 0 5 0 50 7